About Catherine Bull

Hello! I’m Catherine Bull.

I have a collection of poetry and a chapbook available for purchase (see Books tab).

Published Work:

I live in Seattle, hold degrees in Poetry and English/Creative Writing from Oberlin College and U.C. Davis, and am a four time Seattle Independent Bookstore Day Champ. (Here’s a Vox.com interview with me and others about the glories of Bookstore Day.)


On Ferry Catie IBD2016 with totebag_cropped

To get in touch please email catherinebullbooks at gmail dot com or hop over to Twitter.

2 thoughts on “About Catherine Bull

  1. Elizabeth Hay says:

    Catherine, would you be able to help me locate a print version of “Merry Christmas from Hegel”? I heard Anne Carson read it a couple of years ago and would like to send it to my son. I’ve gone to Gulf Coast — supposedly it was published there in Winter/Spring 2014, though you say 2013 — but I can’t turn it up at all. Huge thanks.
    Liz Hay

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      I don’t know that it’s been published other than in Gulf Coast – I’d contact them to purchase a back issue, that’s probably your best best. (Their 2014 Winter/Spring issue came out in December 2013). It’s so wonderful I do hope it makes it into one of her books soon!

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