Twenty Fifteen Movie Reviews in Fifteen Words.

2015’s new and old, borrowed, streamed and gone to. Three ratings: SEE, MEH, and SKIP.

A Most Wanted Man (2014): SEE

Absorbing, moody, solid. Deep cast. Excellent combo, Le Carre + Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension (1984)

Packed with jokes and fun, still a great cult classic. (Also, Perfect Tommy IS perfect.)

The Martian (2015): SEE

Excellent adaptation of a highly entertaining book. Tense, funny, smart.

How to Steal a Million (1966): SEE

Still the best romantic caper ever. Clever, snappy, arty, and gobs of Hepburn+O’Toole charm.

Shaun the Sheep (2015): SEE

Very entertaining kids’ fare in classic Aardman style. And you’ll swear they’re talking.

Magic Mike XXL (2015): SEE

A lot of fun, feminist, bro-positive, hot—real joy throughout the whole silly thing.

Smokey & The Bandit (1977): SEE for the flirting and chasing, SKIP for the T&A sexism and racial attitudes

You’ll have to ignore the dated parts, but the rest is still damn fun.

Spy (2015): SEE

Very funny, very entertaining, not too long, lots of heart. Melissa McCarthy is totally awesome.

Romancing the Stone (1984): SEE

Still a great movie! Fun rom-com adventure. (More feminist than most current films, sigh.)

Mad Max (2015): SEE

Yes, it is as good as everyone says. Kinetic, beautiful, thrilling, kickass, and completely cool.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015): MEH

Diverting (but overblown and not very feminist). Funny jokes, entertaining characters, boring philosophy, charismatic villain.

Interstellar (2014): SKIP

Disappointing. Grand visuals but nothing much interesting to say and a total lack of characterization.

Danny Collins (2015): SEE

Better than I’d’ve thought! Predictable plot way uplifted by enjoyable characters.

Singin’ in the Rain (1952): SEE

Never knew this was a pretty good movie in addition to a totally classic musical.

Furious 6 (2013): SEE if you have a soft spot for B-movies

Come for the stunts, stay for the cheeseball quips, text or something during the rest.

Rancho Notorious (1952): SEE

Excellent western: gunslingers, revenge, showdowns, bronco busting, love, Dietrich, Ferrer, and one very expository ballad.

Kingsman (2015): SKIP

Not the spy movie Galaxy Quest we wanted. Wannabe clever but wasteful and sexist instead.

The Imitation Game (2014): MEH

Excellently acted biopic that I thought avoids biopics’ pitfalls. (Apparently by being sorta fictitious, alas.)