Some Links To Some Things I Thought You Might Like

David Bowie’s reading list

David Bowie’s 1987 READ library poster, re-issued!

Hamlet Off-Stage, Don’t Country This Snapper” by D.C. Berry in Rattle

Rambeau de la Snapper
rides high, ten-horsepower blitzblade whirling,
the mindlessness more pleasant than even madness.

Pictures of famous artists in their studios (I want either O’Keefe’s or Christo’s)

Kid, this is October” by Jeffrey Bean, this week’s Missouri Review Poem of the Week

Somewhere the grandfathers
who own this town lean down to iron
crisp blue shirts, their faces bathing
in steam, and blackbirds
clamor in packs,
make plans behind corn.
This beautiful paragraph piece from the late great C.D. Wright
Vulture’s excellently curated list (with videos) of 100 Jokes That Shaped Modern Comedy which I spent a whole Sunday evening going through

And last but not least, the three Tiny Desk Concerts I’ve had on repeat the last couple weeks:

The Suffers 
Gina Chavez
Lawrence Brownlee

That is all.