I am delighted to say that FIELD’s Fall Issue (#93) is just out and contains two of my poems, “Muskoxen” and “Long Day”.

“Muskoxen” begins:

Flummox of insects
none of their nevermind,
Arctic shadowcaster cold
yeah and-ers [..]

and “Long Day” starts out with:

The triumph of the day: that the old dog
made it 12 hours without peeing in the house,
success in her success at staying asleep,
certainly no success in the 12 hours ’til I made it home, […]

You can pick up issues of FIELD at your more poetry-enabled bookstores, get an online copy, or order direct from Oberlin College Press, and I hope you do. You can read a couple sample poems from this and past issues on the OC Press website also.

In other exciting news about this issue, the symposium this fall is on the, as the editors put it, “strange, commanding genius” of Russell Edson, If you’ve never read Edson’s prose poems, you must. The vast majority of people who do are hooked, and are thrilled they now know his worlds exist to be visited. Poems discussed include two of my favorites, “The Fall” and “Counting Sheep”, with symposium essays by Dennish Schmitz, Charles Simic, Lee Upton, Jon Loomis, B.K. Fischer, and others.