Independent Bookstore Day 2015 vertical logo_0

This Saturday, support your local bookstore!

Which, in Seattle, means you’ve got a LOT of choices.

Of those tons of choices, 17 are participating in Independent Bookstore Day—at the different stores you’ll find various events, discounts, exclusive art, free food, cool readings, kids storytimes, literary madlibs, in-store scavenger hunts, group Exquisite Corpses, wheels of fun and fortune, board game battles, a famous first lines quiz—I mean all that plus BOOKS, can it get any better!

I’m VERY excited!

Lots of fun stuff happening at all these stores:


Book Larder

Eagle Harbor Book Co.

Edmonds Bookshop

The Elliott Bay Book Company

Fantagraphics Books

Island Books

Liberty Bay Books

Mockingbird Books

Open Books

Parkplace Books

Phinney Books

Queen Anne Book Company

Seattle Mystery Bookstore

Secret Garden Books

Third Place Books – Lake Forest Park

Third Place Books – Ravenna

University Book Store

Bonus challenge fun: you can get a passport book and get stamps at each store—visit three or more, be entered in a drawing for gift certificates and other prizes. Visit all 17 in one day, and get 25% off all those stores for a full year. Keep an eye on Twitter on Saturday for #SEABookstoreday—I’ll be tweeting my Independent Bookstore Day adventures (my mother and I are planning to try for all 17!) and so will the bookstores and other excited bookstore lovers. And adventure it is bound to be—this being Seattle, getting to all 17 will involve taking a ferry, driving over a floating bridge and also dodging boat excitement because it’s also Opening Day.

And hey, even if you’re not in the city with the most bookstores per capita on Saturday, pop down to your local bookstore (or order online from one of the above…) and get yourself something nice to read. Might I suggest a book of poetry by a poet who has caught your eye this Poetry Month?