April is Poetry Month, of course!

Most bookstores have poetry book sales in April, and I urge you to seek out an in-person reading in the towns of wherever you are at some point in the month (though, really, in every month).

But there’s plenty online for a dose of poetry daily. Here are a few I like:

The Knopf Poem-A-Day emails.

If you know a kid in grades 5-12, the Dear Poet project looks pretty cool — kids are invited to write letters to the poets on the Academy of American Poetry Board of Chancellors about the poems those chancellors have written (videos of them reading are on the website.)

The hashtag on Twitter this year is #npm15, and I’ll be over there daily tweeting something. Last year I did favorite poems that have extra personal meaning to me. This year I think I might do favorite images. I was thinking this morning about favorite images because I snipped a dry bit from my little aloe plant, which always makes me think of Laura Jensen’s description of sparrows’ legs in “The Sparrows of Iowa” as “the dry bit you snip absently / from a houseplant”.

And, The Operating System’s 30-on-30-in-30 Project, where each day in April they post an essay by a writer or artist about a poet who has had a huge influence on their work, often also sharing a poem of their own. This year keep an eye out for an essay about Arthur Rimbaud by me, ending with my poem “Filling Station (Rambo & Rimbaud, Proprietors)” in which Rambo and Rimbaud are the proprietors of Elizabeth Bishop’s Filling Station. (I’ll of course post a link when that’s up.)

Go forth in April, and eat poetry.