Books for sale!


I am pleased as punch to announce that I have published a collection of poetry and a chapbook, as well as a little book of drawings. All three are available for purchase through PayPal — just shoot an email to with your zipcode so I can figure the shipping cost, and then we’ll go from there!

Muskoxen Slow It Down by Catherine Bull (cover)
Muskoxen Slow It Down
 is a collection of poems published in journals such as Poetry Northwest, Field, Literary Bohemian, and Switched-on-Gutenberg, as well as 2018’s WA129 Washington state poetry anthology. $20+shipping. Hardback.

A few titles from the collection:

“You Sit Down to Write and You Don’t Write”
“Albrecht Durer Moves to Ilwaco, Washington”
“Braless in the Apocalypse”
“Violin-Making As It Was and Is”
“Starry Night Dog”

Rambo/Rimbaud by Catherine Bull (cover)
is a chapbook which puts together John Rambo, of the 80s action movie notoriety, and real-life bad-boy 19th century poet Arthur Rimbaud, whose last name is pronounced almost the same as Rambo, and who later became a patron saint of the Beats and folks like Patti Smith and Jim Morrison. You can read about the project and one of the poems in the chapbook here: . Other poems published in Beatdom and Bellingham Review. $12+shipping. Paperback

Some titles from the chapbook:

“Filling Station (Rambo & Rimbaud, Proprietors)”
“Rimbaud: First Blood”
“The Drunken Helicopter”


French Bulldogs on Designer Furniture 
is a collection of drawings of charming french bulldogs sitting, lying, splaying, and reveling in their adorableness on fancy designer furniture. Perfect gift for dog people. $15+ shipping. Paperback.

A few example drawings:

Again, just shoot me an email to catherinebullbooks at gmail dot com to order any of these books. Thanks so much for your support!

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